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In a Magnolia Minute:

Secrets of a Late Bloomer

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If by some chance you don't already know the highway-cleaning witches, the sign of the Goo-Goo Cluster, or General Beauregard Lee the Georgia groundhog, then you should get to know Nan Graham.

For the past decade, listeners of WHQR-FM, the NPR affiliate in Wilmington, NC, have heard Graham regale them with stories of the South and Southerners, subjects she knows as well as anyone. Best-selling author Pat Conroy-no slouch himself at navigating the cultural byways of Dixie-said Graham "is so relentlessly Southern she makes me feel that I was born in Minnesota." Nan Graham's second collection of humorous essays, In a Magnolia Minute, introduces her notes and observations to those unfortunates who live outside the WHQR listening area.

"I am always on the lookout for loony stories, nutty characters, and unique aspects of Southern life," says Graham. She's found them. From the fellow who eats Vicks VapoRub for dessert to her mother's refusal to acknowledge time zones, Graham's anecdotes display a keen eye and a finely tuned ear for the absurd and the amusing.

From the deepest Delta to Dreamland Barbeque, from the Florida Panhandle to the Research Triangle, In a Magnolia Minute, along with Graham's first collection of essays, Turn South at the Next Magnolia, offers a tour of the South unlike any you will find in a travel guide. Along the way, Graham touches on subjects near the heart of any native (and maybe even those "from somewhere else"), such as family and growing up (and older), in the South. Her books are essential field guides for all, whether newcomer or native, giving readers a "real sense of who and what we are."


Book Cover Painting by Mandy Johnson:                    Nan Graham